So we entered this place called Bohemia in Noida on an afternoon & it was interesting we would say! There were not many people as we hoped but anyway. I don’t know about you guys but we really love a nice cold beverages on a hot summer day.


I am basically obsessed with Coffee & it’s various forms. Before I have had my coffee my body is lifeless vessel with no soul! True Story Bro!! So I order a Traditional Bohemian Coffee. Sounds fancy ehh ? TBH, It was Milk blended with Aaaaaaaa Lot of Sugar & just a tinyy little Pinch of coffee. Maybe Just for COLOR! You know just in case if I need some coffee in my cold coffee ūüėĀ

And Saif ordered a Banana & date shake & by the way I hate banana but He said It was naaaaice!

Then we were super bhukhad so we ordered some appetizers & Let me tell you

“Jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi hai &¬†Jo hota woh Dikha nahi hai”


This dish above is Chicken Charmoula¬†& it looks pretty intensely flavored but don’t get your hopes too High as it’s nothing but slightly Seasoned. Just Thoda sa. Aw!

Kahi chicken ko mirchi na lag jaye You know!!

It was supposed to be a Lebanese Dish, but their Hummus game was not strong as Mayo game was on! It almost kills to have freshly baked pita bread with Mayo, which doesn’t wants to go along with¬†chicken.¬†We don’t know man,¬†there was a miss-matching¬†in the whole thing.

Then we decided that okay, let’s not be Judgmental & we ordered something which they recommended.

Piri Piri Chicken, Sounds Spicy ? Well, it was Red tomato Saucy!

No kidding, really hoped that it was Piri Piri .But what is Piri Piri ? One of the sources of chili pepper. So how was it ? It was a Chicken covered with red sauce (Pomidoro- Red Pasta Sauce) served with a portion of chargrilled veggie & Mashed potato. I got to admit Mashed Potatoes were AMAZING, infused with herbs & 3 types of cheeses.

I must say the New Owner/Manager is open to feedback & is a quite calm person where as the servers are kinda confused about their menu.

So final¬†thought,¬†it’s a nice place but they need to sort their things out!


Cost for two: 800

Payment modes: Cash or Card

Ambience: Pleasant

Free Wifi: NOPE

Address: Garden Gallaria Mall, 250, 1st Floor, Sector 38, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Place for : Small dates & those awkward hangout.

Note: The place¬†was going under certain changes in their menu. Earlier it used to a bakery now it’s sort of a Bistro & they are taking a Fresh Start.


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