Tea Traditions

So love to start your day with ek cup mast cutting chai? then this post is for you. We went to this tea house, which serves varieties of tea. From Black tea to Chai Tea Latte they have it all!


A really cosy place with wooden interiors, decorative yellow wall lamps and a set of courteous staffs to give you ample space to be you. You can try some regular chai or deal with a cup of black tea. There is a variety to choose from, with milk or without milk. Some really tempting eatables on menu to give you local flavours, but not limiting to that as additionally it offers some Italian pasta and pizzas. A good place to spend some hours over a cup of chaii, read books or simply spend some quality time or finish up your office work. The music here is pretty nice & will also uplift your mood and they change according to your preference, otherwise when we went there, there was a bhajan-kirtan going on.

Their little Pick-a-book Corner

We ordered

  • Ginger Tea
  • Vanila Tea
  • Watermelon Iced Tea
  • Kesar tea
  • Pyaaz Pakode

To begin with the Kesar Chaii was the star of the day! It was really rich & aromatic. The oil of the kesar was oozing out slowly & mixed well with the Tea

Ginger Tea was very homely & Loved the part where it was only ginger & not desi kadak ginger chaii

Moving on the Watermelon Iced Tea, Mygodd it was really unique. I am not a Tea drinker but this drink was really refreshing! To be honest this watermelon iced tea  tastes similar to Center fresh ki Watermelon Gum with a perfect blend of Tea. And I am ready to have it AGAIN!

Then the Vanilla Tea was No milk tea (Black Tea).The Aroma is the perfect blend of vanilla and the herbs, it was not a syrup or any vanilla essence. Just had the right amount of bitterness.

It’s good for people who generally look for that layer of malaii in the pyala.

They have some amazing food options to compliment your Chai ka Pyala

We went ahead with their recommended Pyaaz Ke Pakode

Must say the crispiness & the spicy chutney went really well. But They have other options to pair your Chai too. You can find amazing pizza to burgers too!!


And Oh Yes! they have a loyalty program too. So you get points for every 100rs spent & later on a reward.



Cost for two: 250

Payment mode: Cash, Cards & Paytm

Free Wifi: YES!

Address: J-44, First Floor, Pocket J, Sector 18, Noida

(behind Wave Mall/ Near Swaagat)

Place for: EVERYONE!!

Timings-10 AM to 11 PM

Note: They serve only vegetarian  dishes & all the teas were tasted by Saif!


Just where everything is Tea ❤

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