Hey, So this time I would be leading this review while Smriti will Netflix & chill.

With my little reach I found out thay Wenger’s is bakery from the British era, 1923.Wenger’s literally saw Connaught Place being built brick by brick! It’s literally Vintage! & designed by a British architect, this is one of the few original eating joints that have stood the test of time and adapted to the changing times. It  is named after the swiss couple that started it.


Wenger’s have 2 parts, one is a confectionery while another one is nice small café.

In their confectionery, they have it all to cure your meetha to namkeem cravings! They have a lot of options. Pie, Rum,Pastries pudding. You name it & you find it


From pastries to tarts to patties to kebabs, they have a very wide range of quick bites.

The only drawback about this confectionary is that you have to get your treats on a take away or stand there and eat it!  There’s no area/space to “place your Butt”!


But when treats so pocket friendly, nobody seems to care!! Nobody got time for that!

Moving on to Wenger’s Deli


Just like the name the place has a different concept, theme & décor! It gives an 90’s  feeling of European inspired bar theme that you would have seen in the movies. You probably would have seen Wolveriene having beer in a local bar. Here, you can have hot dog instead of beer!


So as you can probably see, it’s a little place with wall tables & stools. But Guess whaaaaat ? Stools, Hahaha only for 6ft & above. Otherwise if you are less than that then the Struggles are real brother!! & You gotta fight for your Table Bhaisahab! By that I literally mean that FIGHT!

Litlle glimpse of what happened.

Us: Oh Sorry, We were here first. 🙂 **politely

Person 2:Mein ne seat phele dekhii. Hum kab se aaye hue hai.

Smriti: Dekhi thi toh ? dekhte raho fir! (Victory, she conquered it)

Oh Yes! The Food here is absolutely worth it. We ordered Lasagna smoothie and A Hot dog.


Trust me Guys, this was like AMAZING. It was like Mustard and carmalised onion had a baby! And it’s Bomb AF!

Lasagna was pretty good, I love . Smriti was really happy with her smoothie as she preferably takes less sugar in her beverage.

You may enjoy other options too like Nutella Waffles, Peri Peri Chicken Panini, Banana Waffles, Bbq Chicken Burger, Mutton Burger, Peri Peri Veg Panini, Cupcake which are famous too!



Cost for two:  for Wenger’s– 140 &  for Wenger’s Deli- 400

Payment mode: Cash & Card only

Wifi: No wifi

Address: A-18, Radial Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Place for: Everyone

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